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Download or order our nominations booklet for a handy guide to the award categories and top tips, written by our Volunteer Forum, on how to write a great submission, or have a look at these explained examples of successful nominations.

Before you submit your nomination, you might find it useful to read through the answers to the questions below.

Who can make a nomination?

Anyone can nominate a volunteer or group of volunteers for an award and get them the recognition they deserve.

Our awards are special as they are the result of volunteers nominating fellow unsung heroes - that’s why we’re calling on you to spend a few minutes considering who you would like to put forward.

Often the best person to nominate is the person who works the closest to the individual volunteer or group. This could mean another volunteer, service user or fellow corporate colleague and not always the volunteer manager.

Who can I nominate?

You can nominate any volunteer(s) for an award.

There is no minimum length of service for our Special Recognition Awards as these nine categories celebrate volunteers who have made a significant impact in an area of Macmillan’s work. But remember to read the award criteria to check whether the award is for an individual or group.

Indirect Macmillan volunteers, such as adopted Macmillan volunteers, can also be nominated for any award, it is very important in these cases for the Macmillan contact provided on the submission form to be correctly spelled and up to date.

The Long Service Award, however, celebrates the effort and commitment volunteers have shown over many years. Long service awards are open to individual and groups so that they can be recognised for their ongoing commitment and teamwork. Individual volunteers and groups of volunteers can be awarded for lengths of service between 5 and 60 years.

When nominating volunteers for a long service award, please remember that you can nominate a volunteer who will have reached their long service anniversary at any time during 2018. Long service certificates will be delivered to nominees ahead of Volunteers’ Week 2019, in time for any planned recognition events. If your volunteer reaches their milestone after 31st December 2018, they can be nominated for their long service award when the next nomination window opens in Autumn 2019.

Who can't I nominate?

Whilst we recognise that individual givers such as Brave the shavers and coffee morning hosts give their time to support Macmillan, the Macmillan volunteer awards are there to recognise exceptional individuals and groups that go above and beyond our expectations within their role. We therefore ask nominators to look at the award criteria and assess whether or not the nominee meets this and is an exceptional example of how people give their time to Macmillan.

How many nominations can I submit?

You can submit as many nominations for different volunteers as you like. In fact, the more the better!

However, you cannot submit a nomination for the same volunteer in more than one of our nine Special Recognition award categories. This is because, when the award panels select the winners for each region, they can move a nomination from one category to another if they feel it better suits the nominee and their achievements.

If you are nominating more than one volunteer we strongly discourage submitting a generic nomination template for each nominee, as each nomination should reflect their personal achievements (please see our examples of successful nominations). Don’t forget it is fellow Macmillan Volunteers that decide who wins regionally, and from feedback we know the panels felt that generic nominations slightly diminish the volunteer’s achievements.

Can I nominate groups of volunteers?

You can nominate groups of volunteers for the following award categories: Corporate Volunteer, Deborah Hutton, Douglas Macmillan, Richard Hambro, Vicky Clement-Jones, Young Macmillan Champion, Service Team of the Year, Fundraising Group/Committee and Sir Hugh Dundas Volunteer of the Year.

You can now also nominate groups of volunteers for the Long Service Award.

When nominating groups for special recognition awards don’t forget to tell us how many members make up the group so we can send the correct amount of pin badges if they win. There will only be one certificate per group however.

What about volunteers that do more than one role?

Some of our amazing volunteers do more than one role and consequently have more than one volunteer manager. At the moment we are not able to personalise long service awards certificates to state volunteer roles. If you are putting a volunteer forward for a long service award please check with all their volunteer managers or with them personally if they have already received one.

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